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Housing Solutions

The first and most challenging step to using the H-2A guestworker program is to secure housing. We can help.

Each state is different. Wafla works with the pertinent agency in your state to help get your housing licensed. Wafla can connect you to vendors who specialize in building housing. Our field staff members offer consultations for getting existing structures up to code. We even own and manage properties in the areas we serve. Hotels are an option, but they must be H-2A compliant.

Contact us to get started with H-2A housing.

Wafla provides housing for farmworkers in the areas listed below.

ROSS COURTNEY / El Sol de Yakima
Las unidades de vivienda de los trabajadores agrícolas Ringold, el 30 de abril de 2014, en Mesa, Wash.  A pesar de los riesgos legales y costos de la vivienda, los cultivadores desesperados por trabajadores están recurriendo a los trabajadores huéspedes H-2A para cosechar sus frutos. Uno de los requisitos de la contratación de trabajadores temporales extranjeros es el de proporcionar una vivienda.


Mesa, WA

Riverview Meadows

Riverview Meadows

Okanogan, WA

Fairbridge Inn

Fairbridge Inn

Yakima, WA

La Buena Vida Estates

La Buena Vida Estates

Benton City, WA

Mt Angel Website

Mt. Angel

Mt. Angel, OR