UI Claims Management Service

The Unemployment Insurance Claims Management Service is a comprehensive service to manage your unemployment insurance claims.

We are confident enrolling in this program will save you time and money!






Integrated Claims Management (ICM) and wafla partnered.  ICM has been in the claims management business for over twenty-five years and offers enhanced claims management tools and knowledgeable and experienced claims managers providing quality service to employers.


Handles the entire claims process and receives all the notices and paperwork from the Employment Security Department.
  • Claims Management
    Promptly and aggressively manages all your unemployment claims.
  • Hearings
    Prepares witnesses, documentation, and represents your company if a hearing should occur.
  • Charge Auditing
    Audits your benefit charge statements for miscalculations and over-sights, and challenges inappropriate charges.
  • Reports
    Provides reports summarizing claims and charges.


Click hereEnrolls you in the Employer Service and sets your enrollment rate and will remain overall in charge of the program.

Before you request a quote, you will need to locate your recent Tax Rate Notice.  Tax Rate Notices are mailed annually in December indicating your rate for the coming new year.

If you cannot locate your recent Tax Rate Notice contact ESD to request one.

If you are not satisfied during the first three months, we will close your account and you will receive a full refund!

Request a free quote now!

and experienced claims managers providing quality service to employers.

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