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Wafla is a nonprofit membership organization made up of family farms and seasonal employers throughout the United States and predominantly in the Pacific Northwest. We assist our members in finding employees to meet their workforce needs. We are the largest organization of our kind in the country. We lead by treating people with dignity and respect.


Our mission
Making labor stability a reality for all agricultural employers

Our vision

A thriving domestic agricultural industry with dignity forĀ farmers and farmworkers

Wafla began in 2007 as a nonprofit 501(c)(6) with the name Washington Farm Labor Association (WAFLA). By 2015 we were serving employers beyond the state of Washington, so we rebranded our organization as simply "wafla."

We strive to be the premier labor association for seasonal and agricultural employers in the Pacific Northwest by assisting employers with the use of guest worker visa programs and providing HR resources tailored to our industry.