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Lacey Headquarters
8830 Tallon Lane Northeast, Suite C
Lacey, WA 98516
(360) 455-8064  Fax (360) 539-7378

Kennewick Training Center
3180 W. Clearwater Ave., Suite I
Kenewick, WA  99336
(509) 396-7063



Dan Fazio, Executive Director & CEO, Ext. 101
Media, Guest Worker Programs

Membership & Communications

Kim Bresler, Membership & Communications Director, Ext. 102
Membership, Communications/Media, Marketing, Special Projects

Evan Jaeger, Member Relations Coordinator, Ext. 105
Membership, Communications/Media, Special Projects

Corporate Compliance

Steve Davis, CFO, Ext. 103
Administration, Financials, Risk Management

Amber St. Aubin, Human Resource Manager, Ext. 109
Human Resources

Lorraine Stephens
, Accountant Ext. 100
Administration, Financials, Accounting

Bill Johnson, Accountant, Ext. 108
Financial Records, Accounting

Nanette Hornby, Bookkeeper, Ext. 107
Accounting, Membership


Ryan Ogburn, Visa Program Assistant Manager, Ext. 110 (Bilingue Español/Ingles)
Guest Workers

Anita Panko, Visa Account Executive, Ext. 112
Guest Workers

Jacob Boston,  Visa Account Executive, Ext. 104
Guest Workers

Amy Childers, Visa Account Executive, Ext. 106
Guest Workers

Netdao Knickerbocker, Visa Programs Assistant, Ext. 111
Guest Workers

Elke Armajo, Visa Programs Assistant, Ext. 111
Guest Workers


Maria Martin, Transportation Coordinator (Bilingue Español/Ingles)
Guest Workers
(509) 396-2293 Kennewick Office

Samantha Mendoza, Visa Account Executive, 
(Bilingue Español/Ingles)
Guest Workers
(509) 396-2293 Kennewick Office

Guadalupe Zaragoza, Visa Programs Assistant, (Bilingue Español/Ingles)
Guest Workers 
(509) 396-2293 Kennewick Office

Field Services

Heri Chapula, Field Services Director (Bilingue Español/Ingles)

David Guzman, Field Services Director (Bilingue Español/Ingles)

Luis Guitron, Field Services Coordinator (Bilingue Español/Ingles)

Seasonal Worker Housing

14631 Rd. 170
Mesa, WA  99343 - Directions
(509) 269-4164 Office/Fax

Luis Guitron, Ringold Housing Manager (Bilingue Español/Ingles)

Should you have an HR question, we are eager to help you with it. Please submit your question through HRAnswers located under the Members Only tab that appears after log-in. We will answer your question within 72 hours.

8830 Tallon Lane Northeast, Suite C, Lacey, WA  98516
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